PASCLink is a centralised web-based portal available on the Ministry of Health's - Connected Health Network that allows users to search multiple PACS systems in seconds with a single search.   Returning to the user a list of available studies which can be selected and studies sent to the requestors PACS system.   PACSLink in many cases also provides links to Radiology reports.

Why PACSLink?

PACSLink delivers greater efficency for your business and your team.   No more trying to located Radiology Images and reports by ringing round or e-mailing requests.   No waiting for someone at the "other end" to send you those studies you require.   PACSLink does it all.


See PACSLink in action

PACSLink is so powerful yet so simple, it can be used by many different people within your organisation.   Your PACS team is a great place to start but also booking staff, MRT's, Sonographers not to mention Radiologists themsevles!   PACSLink really is an efficiency goldmine.

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